Thursday, August 15, 2013

Who Wore It Best? (my first linkup!!!)

Even though I'm usually really good about avoiding celebrity gossip and "news" on the internet, once in a while I'll get sucked in by a "Who Wore It Best?" headline.  I know I shouldn't care, and I actually really don't, but... once in a while it seems like an entertaining way to spend 90 seconds.  

A few months ago, Tricia at Making It Feel Like Home, posted a "Who Wore It Best" and I knew that I'd have to follow suit at some point!

No celebrities here. Not even any gossip.  Just one Gymboree shirt from their Spring 2007 collection...

Who Wore It Best....?

Aaron, Spring 2007 
Dominic, Fall 2008
Clare, Yesterday
and I tried like the dickens to find a photo of one-year-old Ruth wearing this thing in the Summer of 2011, to no avail.  But so that she wasn't left out, we put it on her this morning...

Sassy Miss Ruth, today

It's not really a competition.  I mean, really... do you think I'm going to take kindly to someone picking one of my cute children over the others??  It's more of a commentary on the life of a hand-me-down.  

Do you have pics of an item of clothing being sported by two, three, four, or more of your kiddos?  Link em up here and put it to my discriminating readers... Who Wore it Best?  

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  1. Haha, Ruth's pose! So cute. I wonder if I have pics like this... I'll see if I can get my act together to do link up in time!

  2. Hahaha! That is an awesome idea! Love how they are all wearing it! That t-shirt is going to be a family heirloom!


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