Monday, June 22, 2015

Yarn-Wrapped Sticks (easy. peasy. colorful. pretty.)

If there are two things we have a ton of around here it's yarn and sticks.  The kids are constantly dragging sticks home from our walks around the neighborhood.  We have more than we could ever possibly need for fire kindling, so we've started using some for crafts - you know, like for "God's Eyes" (which we call "decorations" because I just can't bring myself to actually refer to them as "God's Eyes"....)  and the very exciting project I'm sharing with you today -- yarn-wrapped sticks.  

You'd think by the number of photos that I took of this yarn-wrapped nature that this project was a real accomplishment, a wonder to behold.  The truth is... uh, actually... in fact, um... it's the easiest project in the universe requiring no thought and little skill.  (In fact I think in some countries people train monkeys to make these and then trick tourists into over-paying for them because they're a souvenir made by a monkey.)  

Now, I'm not comparing children to monkeys, but my own kids did catch on pretty quick, and we spent a lovely afternoon wrapping sticks with brightly colored yarn on our sunny deck.  And it's no secret that children doing things with brightly colored yarn makes my heart sing!  However, much to my chagrin, now these sticks are everywhere....  they've been used as magic wands, royal scepters, bows (as in bows and arrows...) and probably a few other things I don't want to know about.  

The point is, they're actually kind of pretty.  So I got carried away and took a lot of pictures of them and even included a photo tutorial in case you just want give your monkeys the powerpoint version.

Believe me... I know how utterly superfluous a tutorial for yarn wrapped around sticks is.   I just figured I had already taken an unnecessary amount of pictures, why not add a few more that actually have a purpose...  I put the instructions are at the end of this post so you can avoid looking at them if you feel it's beneath you.  I understand. 

I mean, just look at the colors!!  

You simply must store them in a clear jar and let the sun shine through...

Perfect for outdoor decor...

But indoor is nothing to sneer at either...

So, are you convinced that this would be a great project for you?!  I mean, your kids???

You'll need... yarn, sticks, craft (or tapestry) needle, maybe glue 

(1) Tie the end of the yarn two inches down from one end of the stick.  (2) Begin wrapping back up to the end, and then reverse directions and wrap all the way to the opposite end of the stick.  Occasionally "back-tracking" will give you interesting visual texture and pattern if you're using ombre yarn)  (3) Once you get to the end, reverse directions again going back about two inches.  (4) Loop yarn as shown and tie a knot two times.  (5) Use a tapestry needle or craft needle to weave in the end to secure.  Glue the ends if you want - especially if your kids will be waving them around trying to turn their siblings into stone.  







  1. I think they are terribly pretty! It's never occurred to me to wrap yarn around a stick, but now that you've mentioned it, they seem to be a perfect project for little hands. :)

  2. These are so adorable! We *just* cleared out our brush pile, but I'm sure we have plenty of other sticks in the yard. But almost no yarn!!! I'll have to beg some scraps off of my mom :)

  3. I love your subtle sense of humor. The sticks are pretty. I can see why you took so many photos. :)

  4. Such pretty pics! Def. going to do this! (And love your sense of humor too!!)


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