Friday, May 8, 2015

Be it Ever So Random... (Seven Quick Takes)

I don't even have anything significant or cohesive to say today, but Russ took the afternoon off, so I've got some extra time to write some trivial and disjointed things...  sounds like Seven Quick Takes if you ask me.


Summer Clothes.  All the drama.  The weeks when we switch the clothes - seasons and sizes - are the worst around here.  There are clothes flying everywhere, too-tight wool sweaters are mixed in with strappy sundresses that are two sizes too big, no one can find what they want.  Every year, the first warm day in spring, the kids freak out because they have no short sleeve shirts or sandals to wear.   "Mom!  How could you?!?!?!  How could you not have the right size sandals for me to wear on this very first day above 70 degrees?!?!?!?"   No one ever cares that in these here parts we were just wearing hats and mittens yesterday and it's probably going to snow tomorrow...  All that matters is that today it feels like the dog days of summer and Mom dropped the ball again and we're all stuck wearing wool socks and snow boots until the end of May.


That being said, this morning I packed my five kids into the car and took them to Payless... for shoes that are not winter boots.  From the very beginning of this little family of ours, Russ and I have left "family planning" up to God.  God really worked it out for us in terms of hand-me-downs.  Each season I really only have to buy shoes for two children - the oldest boy and the oldest girl.  Except I'm starting to find that older boys can decimate a pair of sandals in a summer and all that's left to hand down in the end are rubber and canvas shreds.  But usually, there are some shoes to pass on.  Today I needed five pairs of shoes from Payless.  I confirmed on-line ahead of time that the store had them.  I printed out the list of styles and sizes I needed.  I entered the otherwise empty store and handed my list to the employee, confident that I was doing her a favor by asking for her help locating five specific pairs of shoes, rather than having my horde of children choose their own shoes while I tried to scan the shelves making very distracted, and inevitably regrettable, decisions.  She wasn't thrilled and obviously didn't think my plan was as awesome as I did.  She huffed and puffed and finally helped us, and I ended up getting out of there in record time, with six pairs of shoes, and five well-behaved children.  


Well-behaved children.  My kids are well-behaved in public 96.333% of the time.  By no means am I bragging about that.  I know that kiddos, especially toddlers, are unpredictable, and can change the tenor of a family outing in a matter of seconds.  But, by the grace of God, and clearly explained and enforced expectations of behavior (at home and in public) we've managed to stay mostly drama free when we head out to run errands.  Today after Payless (where, incidentally, I paid much more for shoes that I thought reasonable) and a quick stop at Old Navy for cheap-o flip-flops, we pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store.  I turned around to face the kids in the van and said my usual bit - "The most important thing I need from you in the store is immediate obedience.  And next are helpfulness and cheerfulness.  So if I ask you to go get a bunch of bananas, you will do it right away.  Do you understand??"  They chorused, "Yesssss!"  Then I said, "So what is the most important thing I need from you in the store??"  Clare's little voice piped up... "Bananas?"  

All went well in the grocery store today, too :)


I have crochet projects flying everywhere.  My husband is so patient with me.  I bet he never imagined he'd be living with a crazy yarn lady in a house that has several square feet resembling a yarn shop.  I have it in my head to finish an afghan for each child to gift them on the first day of fall.  I don't know if this will actually happen, but it sure would be an awesome way to kick off autumn!  I can't carry these big projects everywhere though, so I've got little projects that I carry here and there - I've started a special little surprise for a friend, and have also been working to stock up on mittens again.  I think my kiddos are set for mittens next year, so perhaps I will consider a mitten sale in the fall :)


Today I swallowed my pride and did a very humbling thing...  admitted to Facebook that I need a house keeper.  I just can't keep up with cleaning (it's because I use all my down time for crocheting and browsing for kids' shoes on-line, obviously.)  Just admitting this need was a huge step for me, so now it comes down to what I do with all the names and references I've been given.  Will I call a house keeper?  Will I pick up the clutter and then pay someone to come peer into the dusty corners of my home?  Will my house be deep cleaned before summer?  Stay tuned... 


I recently treated myself to a couple of new bags from a verrrry swanky and high end bag retailer.  Target.  The purse I bought just because it was a big and turquoise-seafoam-ish (the two qualities a purse must have for it to be worth paying full price.  I really hit this point home by the fact that my other summer purse is huge and turquoise...)  The other big bag I bought specifically for toting around all those crochet projects I mentioned.  Now, no matter what the social event or activity, you can be assured I'll be there totally preoccupied with hook and yarn ;)  And the bag is seafoam, so even if it weren't filled with yarn it would still make the perfect accessory.

(the kids that call me "Mom"... because I don't let them call me Theresa ;) )
This weekend is Mother's Day.  Got any plans?  Not too much going on here.  My own mom is out of town visiting her mom, so our celebrating will be small and simple.  (Hi Mom!  I love you!)  I think I'll be making a Trim Healthy Mama approved cheesecake.  And if anyone wants to get me anything, small, simple gifts are always welcome!  I like gerbera daisies and my favorite color is seafoam.   

Happy Friday, friends!  Don't forget to check out more Quick Takes at Kelly's to kick off your weekend!


  1. My kids have come to expect that Mom will not have it together enough to get sandals until they are on clearance, because the stores are gearing up for winter. :)

    We have employed a cleaning person at different points in our lives. After the 4th baby in 4 years, I gave myself 6 months of a clean house. It was marvelous. When I shredded my knee, I also got one. It was nice. I've debated getting someone to come in again, but I'm holding off to see how things shake out once I'm not driving kids to and from school all day.

    Cute bags!

    The banana story? Awesome.

    1. I'm a big clearance shopper too, Christine! I love waiting till the end of a season and getting items for next year at 90% off! I feel responsible for being thrifty and I get the thrill of a bargain!
      Looking forward to meeting you soon :) :) :)

  2. Oh my gosh. I'm sure my husband didn't expect his future-home to resemble a yarn store in some corners, either ... and I LOVE your idea of making an afghan for each child by fall. I love it so much. YOU CAN DO IT!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!! I feel motivated :) (I tried to leave you a comment over at your place this afternoon, but my computer was being wack. I'm going to try again :) )

  3. Hey there, I'm visiting from the 7 QT link-up. Sounds like your boys destroy shoes just as viciously as mine. I've finally given up on the idea of passing down boys shoes or boys pants, it's just not worth it.

    Yay for the housekeeper! I've always toyed with that idea but then wus out and just get down and do it myself while grumbling. Maybe a once or twice a year deep clean job would be nice though.

    Hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day!

    1. Hi Erika! Boys' shoes and pants!! I still haven't made my peace with it. Why????
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    2. I know, after 3 I'm finally throwing the pants and shoes away when they really couldn't be used by anyone for anything good.

  4. no 1- totally get the effort! same in this house
    2- I thought your plan was good, wonder why saleslady didn't?? and yes the cost hurts. I store all shoes that still have decent life in between children. but yes the older they get the harder the children are on the shoes
    3- I love your pep talk, I should adopt that too
    5- I had a housekeeper for awhile too when my kiddoes were about the same age as yours. It was for a time and it helped immensely.
    7- love your photo!! Imagining you on your belly taking it:)

    1. I WAS laying in the grass! I was lucky to get the shot - they're not always so obliging ;)

  5. Ack-shoes!! Mine tear through theirs, too.

  6. Ack-shoes!! Mine tear through theirs, too.


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