Saturday, February 8, 2014

7QT - Beverages and Baby Stuff

I don't think I'll ever be one of those SQT contributors who has these things done on Wednesday and is just waiting to hit publish at the stroke of midnight early Friday morning.  On Wednesday I think I was still sorting through Tuesday...

But, here they are... my little-bit-late Seven Quick Takes (comprised mostly of baby photos that probably only interest me and some postpartum humor, because if you can't laugh about life with little kids you're in trouble.)


Hehe.  Thanks, Mom, for finding this one for me!


Well, Mom, you actually found this one too...

Do you know about Savage Chickens?  Check out these awesome cartoons - drawn (by Doug Savage) on yellow post-it-notes! - at  They never fail to amuse.  In fact, I'm considering giving you an entire Quick Takes worth of Savage Chickens next week :)  (lucky you!)




You know I love to crochet.  So, what do you think about my next project??  

(Kidding.  Even though this is hysterical, I wouldn't waste my time or yarn.  Plus, a wine glass around the neck would only get in the way while nursing, and that's prime wine-drinking time...)


Saturday morning sweetness...


And you may recall a certain little quilt I made "in case" we had a boy??  James is putting it to good use. 

Last quick take is...

 Cute Baby with Quilt-y Background:

(Bonus Take)

Even though I'm late to the party, I'm linking up with Jen.  You can head over there too to check out more Quick Takes!  Have a happy weekend!


  1. Your e-cards are hysterical! James is just darling, and your quilt is beautiful!

  2. Did dad dress james in the shot where his pants are pulled up to his chin?!

  3. Baby shots:) my fav and he is so gorgeous:){{}}

  4. LOVE the bonus one (Dr. Seuss overdose)! So funny! And your James is absolutely gorgeous : )


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