Contact Moi?

You'd like to get in touch with me privately?  Wow!  I'm flattered!  It's to start a friendly conversation or to ask me a question, of course.  Right?  Because a communication that is annoying, spam-y, or unfriendly, I probably won't think twice about deleting.  If you ask a question that may be best addressed as a blog post, I'll let you know that I'm sharing your question and my reply on the blog.  

Feel free to leave me comments/questions here on the blog.  Or email me privately at theresa[dot]blackstone[at]gmail[dot]com.  Or you can check out the new Ordinary Lovely Facebook page and leave me a private message there!  So you have three 21st century options of getting in touch with me.  Oh, the choices!   


  1. I would like your permission to use one of your photos and add a link to the August 22, 2014 post on Crochet Hook size reminders for the Fremont County Fiber Art blog. Thanks, Nancy

    1. Nancy, thanks so much for asking! Of course you may use a photo. Please let me know which one and what day you expect to post the link. Thanks again! -Theresa

  2. hi love your tips canyou please give me a link to your st josephs doll . i saw the nativity scene but no instructions for that saint and it was hard to see the detail on that gorgeous doll. thanks so much


Like the old song says, "comments are a girl's best friend." Or something like that... So... leave a comment! I love chatting here! Pretend you're on my back porch, kick the broken plastic sandbox toys aside, sip your iced coffee, or beer, or (__fill in the blank with your beverage of choice__) and let's talk about all the things, because back-porch blogging is what I do!

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