Thursday, April 11, 2013

Theme Thursday: Grow

It's easy to get back into blogging after taking a week off when you can dash outside, shoot a couple pictures, throw 'em up here, and call it a post! 

So here we go...

Thanks Cari, for hosting Theme Thursday...  "grow" keeps me not minding the rain so much and gives us a happy glimpse of what's to come!  

I knew I wanted to post a picture of my "Autumn Joy," but I didn't know the fancy-shmancy official name until I spotted it over at Mary's!  So may I present for your consideration, some front yard sedum.  

it's a wonder our gardens survive at all with all the little boy activity that takes place amidst them...

I couldn't quite get the picture I wanted to capture how pretty this was - the leaves were holding enormous rain drops - the drops were so huge they were bulging up over the tops like rounded balls - you know, that whole cohesive property of water in action.  This was the best I could get + a dash of "saturation" in ipiccy :)  
Head over to Clan Donaldson for other fine "growing" things :)  

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  1. Autumn Joy! That's what it's called. I know sedum is the family or something but Autumn Joy must be the specific species. I love it, too, especially that it gives color in the fall. Here's hoping the deer stay away from mine this year!


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